Best Online Yoga Teacher Training Courses in 2021

While it is true that there is no alternative to in-person yoga teacher training, but you must get adapted to the existing circumstances. With an in-person yoga teacher training program, you soak yourself in the peaceful atmosphere, wholly immersed in the yoga culture amidst various like-minded people, thereby learning the sacred art of Yoga and body adjustments.

People nowadays require Yoga and meditation in their lives more than before. In turn, this enhances the need for new teachers to spread knowledge, wisdom, and compassion across the globe. With this pandemic showing no sign of ending, yoga training schools are now starting to provide teacher training programs online, that too, at a lower price.

Under normal circumstances, it is recommended to go for in-person training, but with online yoga teacher training, there are several benefits. You get flexibility, save money on travel, accommodation, and the cost of the training itself. You don’t have to take off from your work and away from your family to get training. Moreover, you get lifetime access to learning resources so that you can refresh your knowledge at any time in the future.

Suppose you had been thinking for a long of doing yoga teacher training but now not being able to travel. Then you must check out some of the best online yoga teacher training programs to do at the comfort of your home.

Before Covid-19, it was not possible to obtain YTT certification online through Yoga Alliance. But now, they have facilities for you to become a certified yoga teacher at the comfort of your home. This provision is now available till Dec 31, 2021. Everything is the same as in-person yoga training. You will get the same certificate and Yoga Alliance registration with online training, which you would have received with in-person yoga training.

Our credentials

In the last few years, we have trained a vast number of peoples from across the world. We are not simply a yoga studio that runs regular classes and started online classes because of the ongoing demand, we clearly understand the requirements and what it takes to be a yoga teacher.

To get the best training, you need to select the best yoga school. But before going to selecting a good yoga school, here are few questions you need to ask.

Is the school Yoga Alliance accredited?

Yoga Alliance is a non-profit organization responsible for setting up standards for yoga teacher training programs across the world. When you finish your training with a registered yoga institution, you can easily trust that the whole curriculum is according to the Yoga Alliance’s standard.

This accreditation is not mandatory for teaching yoga, and however, if you want to access all yoga opportunities all over the world, it is good to have the accreditation. If you are thinking of running your yoga studio, certification is essential.

Before getting accreditation by Yoga Alliance, it was necessary to obtain training for certain months, but now they have updated their policies because of covid-19.

If you are attracted by online yoga teacher training, then act fast and start your training!

Are you ready for the yoga teacher training program?

Some of the sign implies that you are ready for yoga teacher training program:

Yoga is your passion: Are you at that point of life where hashtag # yogaeveryday makes your day. You started with one or two classes per week but ended up with six or seven. You do not feel right until it starts and ends up with Yoga. You give priority to Yoga more than other activities. When among friends, you love discussing Yoga and giving them advice on how to benefit from Yoga. If all this is happening, then yoga teacher training is the next step for you.

You have started to realize what you are doing: In your journey of Yoga, there comes a time where you have mastered all asanas and fully understand all the cues that your yoga teacher gives. Suddenly, you want to know more about why you are doing a specific pose, what is the Sanskrit name of this pose, and what philosophy is involved in it. Several people want to do a yoga teacher training course to deepen their practice, and if you wish to know more about what you are doing, then it’s time for training or a course.

You are crossroad in your life journey: You have left your university and thinking about what you should do next. A yoga teacher training will offer you some space for focusing on yourself, explore your nature, and figure out what you want.

You want an authentic life: Your existing yoga practice offers you a small glimpse of yourself, and you have started to question the way you are living your life. You might wish for a healthy life and want to know something more about the yoga lifestyle’s advantages. In such cases, a yoga teacher training program will surely help you.

Yoga has helped you in your life: At some point in your life, Yoga has helped you recover from grief or any heartbreak. You have realized that you could not have got out of the situation without yoga practice. Now you want to know more about how Yoga is working on freeing someone’s body from all sorts of emotional stress. And also, you want to assist other people in freeing themselves. In such a scenario, yoga teacher training will help you.

You want to bring some positive changes to the world: Teaching yoga is one of the best ways to become an essential part of any community. Your work will inspire others and help them in finding joy. You can assist others in loving themselves, which ultimately benefits all persons around them.

Now the question comes how to choose the best online yoga teacher training program to reap maximum benefits?

The first important thing to check is the “yoga teacher training program” of the school. There is no point considering the program if it does not serve your purpose of learning yoga. Everybody has their requirements as well as choices.

Benefits of online yoga teacher training program

• Get expert teachers online: With online training at some of the reputed institutes, you learn from expert teachers with several years of experience.

• You learn on your terms: An online yoga teacher training platform offers you expert knowledge about Yoga at your fingertips. Learn and practice Yoga wherever you like at a speed that suits you.

• Enhance your yoga practices: Whether you are a yoga teacher or a practitioner, online courses will increase your skills and practices of Yoga. Most of the online courses are easy-to-digest lessons for ideal learning.

Who is this online course for?

• Yoga Beginners: If you think of a traditional practice of meditation, pranayama, chanting to obtain more focus, clarity, and calmness, then an online course is for you.

• Practitioners: If you are a yoga practitioner and wish to gain more profound knowledge of India’s traditional yoga practices.

• Ambitious yoga teachers: An online course with all yoga teacher training elements prepares you well for meditation, pranayama, and chanting elements of your training.

To select the best school, here are few things you should keep in your mind:

How old are the school and the yoga teacher training program? Many schools were previously running their regular yoga classes. But when the demand for online yoga teacher training enhanced, they started their program. If they are teaching a yoga teacher training program for the first time, there is a high chance that the program might not be structure ideally. The older the school, the better is the yoga teacher training program.

What all subjects are covered, and what are the details? Every yoga alliance registered school must have asanas, physiology, philosophy, meditation, and pranayama. But all schools cover it differently. Common alignment of asanas never works on everyone. The program should cover all alignments of every asana.

Is the program is completely live: You have to ask it yourself whether you like to have a 100 days online yoga program through zoom or any other similar app. Primarily such kinds of programs run for about 19 weeks. Make sure you remain available for the required period. Time zone is yet another issue. When you are not in your time zone, you will lot of challenges to face.

Some of the live yoga teacher training programs teach about 20-30 people at a time. So ask yourself whether the program will benefit you or not as you will not get personal attention.

Teachers and their experience: Check whether the yoga school you are considering has several instructors. Each of them has a specified area of expertise or a single teacher doing the whole program. A good program often has 2-3 teachers with expertise in their sectors.

Thus, before signing up for the yoga teacher training program, check if the school has some trial sessions, and they are offering a refund if not satisfied.

Lastly, before signing up, check if the school has a Trial period and offer a 100% refund.

Will you get a certificate on completion of the training program? Before finalizing a yoga school. Check whether or not they will provide a certificate on completion of the YTT program through Yoga Alliance. As this is an international certification, therefore you can teach anywhere in the world.

Best picks for your online yoga teacher training programs

1. Vinyasa Yogashala:

A yoga school that offers online yoga teacher training to enlighten your body and mind. It offers 200 hours and 300-hour yoga teacher training. The level, of course, is for beginner to intermediate level yoga practitioners. A 200-hour YTT includes all primary yoga styles along with pranayama, meditation, and yoga philosophy. It includes 100 hours of live sessions along with books and course manuals that you get access to for 6 months.

300 hours YTT from Vinyasa Yogashala includes 200 hours of online live training. You will learn all the basic styles of yoga along with pranayama and meditation. The course is for those who want to be a certified yoga teacher or expand his/her knowledge in Yoga.


2. Sampoorna Yoga:

Sampoorna Yoga School offers 200-hour yoga teacher training in online mode, that too, at a low cost. Even if it is available at a low cost, still you get everything like

• Yoga history • Philosophy • Vinyasa sequencing, • Meditation • Pranayama • Anatomy and physiology

Other than 18-20 live sessions, there are no preset daily schedules for its online course. Thus, you are entirely free to access the materials and resources and can take up to a year to complete the course. Teachers are available for students during a 24 set day of the course, but you get lifetime access to all materials and resources. If you have been looking for a yoga teacher training program but could never afford it, then this place is the right place for you.

• Style of yoga: Astanga-Vinyasa

• Hours 60hr/200hr/300hour

• Duration of program -34 days. 

3. East West:

While their name suggests that it emphasizes the mixing of western and Easter traditions. It offers a non-dogmatic approach and offers its students the skills and confidence to be capable of teaching immediately. Their online training comes with a definite format, but it is affordable and is available with various payment plans. Not only do you get some competent teachers, but there is also an added emphasis on meditation which is the need of the hour. To fit perfectly into a working women’s job, the whole course involves only 2 hours a day from Monday – Friday.

• Style of yoga Hatha/Vinyasa

• Duration: 200 hour

• Expenses $1650

4. Sacred Paths Yoga:

Sacred Paths have made this unmatchable 200-hour yoga teacher online training program by mixing yoga training with Native Americans. The whole 40 days cycle is divided into four cycles. Each cycle represents an element. It is often recommended that you should spend at least 4-5 hours a day for training. The whole training consists of live classes, pre-recorded classes as well as lecturers, and live classes. The course also involves earth medicine, Ayurveda, kirtan, and chanting, along with their own sacred flow vinyasa sequences. In addition to an affordable price, they also offer payment plans as well as scholarships for those people who are in need.

• Style of Yoga: Vinyasa blend

• Hours: 200 hours

• Cost – $1600

• Duration of program: 40 days.

5. Rishikesh Yogkulum:

Rishikesh Yogkulum makes a physical and virtual place for a conscious community for practicing art, philosophy, and science of authentic Yoga.

The course is for those seekers who want to explore Yoga in its most pure form from the comfort of their own house. The 200-hour yoga teacher training program is 42 days long and a complete immersion course best for those individuals with an aspiration to establish themselves as holistic yoga teachers from anywhere in the world.

The course follows all updated rules and regulations of Yoga Alliance, and on completion of the course, you will get a 200-hour yoga teacher training certificate. You become eligible to get yourself registered with the Yoga Alliance.

6. Himalaya Yoga institute:

This is the first of its type. The first online teacher training in the Rajadhiraj tradition of Tantra yoga emphasizes chakras. The prominence of balancing our body hormones to rewire our body cleanses our mind and awakens our soul. It is one of the most interactive training where the course includes a complete daily schedule over three weeks with various hours of chanting, pranayama, lectures, workshops, and asanas. It needs your daily commitment and implies more accountability.

The course also involves traditional modules like asana, pranayama: Ayurveda, Tantra Yoga, and some less common traditions. Upon finishing the course, you will gain the ability to teach Rajadhiraj Yoga class and Vinyasa class along with Kundalini yoga, Bhakti yoga, Jnana Yoga, and Karma yoga.

• Style: Tantra/ Rajadhiraja

• Number of hours: 200 hour

• Duration of the program: 3 weeks

7. Himalayan Yoga Valley:

It is one of the reputed international Yoga Teacher Training in India and Europe. It is a Yoga Alliance certified yoga training school functional for over a decade. You will learn traditional as well as transformative yoga practices This training will offer you everything you require to start meditation, pranayama, and chanting practice to transform your life. Go through all traditional methods and yoga practices at the comfort of your home. Things you get to learn