Yoga Poses For Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are pretty common these days and coping with them is a thing. Yoga is one such thing that always helps out be it any issue. The main plus point of yoga is that your entire mind and body will be treated and one particular asana has so many plus points to it. The 200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Course has so many poses and lessons that you will learn to keep the body calm and relaxed. Today in this article we are going to learn about few such common poses that will help you recover from the problem of Hemorrhoids.

Pose 1-

Cat-Cow Pose-

One of the easiest poses that one can try for Hemorrhoids is the cat-cow pose. This pose is very accessible and easy to do which stretches the muscles. This pose works on the abdomen area putting pressure on it. This pose relaxes the muscles in there and thus is helpful to fight Hemorrhoids.Also, the pose has many other benefits as well apart from treating Hemorrhoids. This pose helps in correcting back issues, spine problems, etc. This pose works as one of the best relaxing poses.

Pose 2-

Extended Triangle-

This is yet another very helpful yet easy posture to attain This also alleviates the neck area, groin, shoulder, chests, hips, etc and brings out stress and anxiety from these areas to ease out the pain. This is one of the most uses poses in the 300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Course for releasing anxiety. As your muscles get stretched here in this process your pain also gets releases slowly and you will feel a lot better. The abdomen has a slight pressure because of this pose and thus you will get released from the issue of constipation. Along with a good diet rich in fiber this pose is very helpful and effective.

Pose 3-

Cobra Pose-

This gentle backbend pose will directly work on the spines and the area where you feel the pain. Also helps you stretch the chest area and abdomen giving other benefits as well. The lower portion here works pretty well and this is the point from where all that pain is released. The lower abdomen is the larger part where the work is done and thus this asana is one of the best asanas to fight Hemorrhoids. The cobra pose stretches the area and puts pressure on them which eventually works best for the problem.

Pose 4-

Bridge Pose-

This backbend pose stimulates the muscles and works as a restorative. It will practically stretch the spine area and exactly work there. The stretch in the spine will thus help you reduce your Hemorrhoids. Apart from this problem it also has several other benefits as well like reducing the spinal problem, back problems, etc. This helps in digestion and thus reducing the problem of Hemorrhoids. The bridge pose puts direct pressure on the concerned areas having a huge effect on the muscles where the work has to be done.

 Pose 5-

Pelvic Contraction-

This pose will gradually strengthen your pelvic area and make the muscles in their pretty strong and rigid. This makes the passing of the stool pretty easy and relaxes the anal sphincter and prevents any sort of strain. Doing this pose is easy and takes so little time. You can do this pose any time of the day and this asana has no sort of side effects. This pose needs to be repeated 5 -8 times and the holding and contraction process must be about for 5 seconds. After doing this pose relax for some time before you move to the next pose.

Pose 6-

Deep Breathing-

Breathing in and breathing out not only help one reduceHemorrhoids but also helps in any lung or heart issue. This exercise or asanas will directly put pressure on the pelvic area to alleviate it and realize the muscle to reduce any sort of tension. For this pose, all you need to do is sit on the ground up straight and then inhale and exhale in such a manner that your belly will expand and then release. This puts pressure on the lower abdomen area so that the pressure is created.

Pose 7-

Child’s Pose

The child pose relaxes the anus area and increases the circulation in the area. Thus this pose relaxes the problem of constipation relaxing your lower back area and hips. Thus when you do this pose the muscles around your anus are under pressure which eventually will help the stool pass pretty smoothly and effectively.

Pose 8-

Legs Up-the wall Pose-

This pose reduces all the discomfort around the anus region and reducing all sorts of irritation in there as well. Your muscles will be relaxed and the blood circulation will eventually boost up as you practice this asana. This pose also has an extra benefit that is reducing the back pain alongside having a great impact on the Hemorrhoids.

Thus these were a few of the poses to reduce Hemorrhoids. And have some amazing effects on the body. All these poses are advised to do regularly and have an empty stomach to get the best results.

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