Yoga Breathing Exercises for Relaxation

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Breathing exercises for relaxation are the best to make sure that our respiratory system functions in the best way. Various yoga breathing exercises for relaxation are extremely healthy if done on a daily basis and keeps you free from various ailments as well.

If you make sure to practice different yoga breathing exercises for this purpose you can increase body’s vital energy and eliminate stress in an effective way. It also regulates the hormonal functions of the body and keeps you calm and cool. Also the digestion system gets improved.

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Below mentioned are a few such types of exercises that can prove extremely favourable to you.

Ujjayi Pranayama 

Ujjayi is a Sanskrit word that means victorious. In this form of yoga, the flow of air is controlled by lengthening the breath.

It will cause tightening near the throat, due to which snoring sound can be heard. This is an essential part of this form. While doing this, you can feel a vibration near the throat.

As you inhale and exhale, you will feel as though you are breathing through throat. This has to be done at least for 5 minutes.

This helps in stimulating intercostal muscles and relieves asthma. Cardiac problem will also be solved and blood pressure will be normal. Apart from this, it will also revitalise your nervous system.

Nadi Shodhana Pranayama

This nostril breathing technique helps in purifying the channels of breathing. If you experience fatigue, lack of blood circulation and lack of concentration, it can greatly help you to improve these things.

To start with this, first of all you need to sit in a suitable posture. Use your hand to control nostrils.

You need to close right nostril with the help of thumb and the middle and index fingers should be between eyebrows. Ring finger should be on left nostril. When this procedure is applied, inhale through left side and later close left nostril with the help of ring finger. Later exhale through right side. Again the same procedure needs to be applied for the other nostril. Make sure to do this continuously for ten times.

Brahmari Pranayama 

Brahmari in Sanskrit means bee. It greatly helps you to relieve stress. Sit in a comfortable way and close your years with the help of little flap. Close your eyes and inhale deeply. Exhale slowly and completely. Make sure to do this for about 15 minutes.

All these breathing exercises will make you feel relaxed and provides many other health benefits as well.

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