Yoga and its Benefits: Health Benefits Beyond Flexibility

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In many places and amongst many yoga practitioners the main and the most important benefit of yoga is stated to be flexibility. In other words, there is a misconception where most people believe that all that yoga can do for them is that can help them gain flexibility. But is a very pea sized view of a bigger, much bigger picture. There are a lot more physical benefits that one can get from yoga. In that also there is a lot more than mere physical fitness aspects to the practice of yoga.

Yoga has many benefits like it can ward of many diseases, many illnesses and can improve the state of our (specific) inner organs. All men, women, children and older people can benefit from yoga. Here are a few of the benefits from yoga that stretch beyond the cliché misconception of flexibility:

1. Metabolism

Yoga has been found to give a boost to the metabolism systems of those who practice it. A nicely functioning metabolism eradicates many illnesses and leads to healthy living.

2. Relieve Stress/ De- stressing

Given the kind of busy lifestyles that are being adopted by most all over the world, there can be accumulation of a lot of stress and tension both in our minds and bodies. Yoga helps us get rid of any such stress with its varied techniques, so that we can go about our lives happily.

3. Uterine Health in Women

A lot of women all around are facing some sort of uterine troubles or some sort of health issues. There may be medical ways to cure them but they are too expensive. Yoga is another option that women with such troubles can opt for. They can use the various yoga poses and postures which will help them stretch their inner organs and improve the overall health of the pelvic floor and uterine region.

4. Immunity

Everyone must be aware that our body, mind and spirit are all linked together. An irregularity in any of these will affect the others for example is a troubled body will affect the mind while a troubled mind will hinder the growth of our body. Yoga is the only mode which takes care of all three of these aspects and brings about a balance in our body. The poses strengthen our bodies and the meditation related techniques eliminate stress, thus overall improving our immunity and whole system

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